Guerrilla Cube XL is HERE!


The advantages are clear for the brand, the budget, and the staff!

Innovative design and visual impact no longer conflict with functionality and ease of use. Guerrilla Cubes are designed for ALL aspects of an activation and event.

Fast Setup

A standard Guerilla Cube is fully setup by 1 person in under 3 minutes!

Simple Logistics

Just drive up, park, and activate. No booking cranes, police escorts, specialized staff, or licensing issues


Ideal for quick strikes indoor and outdoor, or extended events, trade shows and festivals

Stand Out

Easily customized, expanded and accessorized for a unique experience every time

Optimized Branding

Its large, flat clean walls create a perfect canvas for branding parked, open and while in transit

Self Sufficient

No additional trailer, cranes, or heavy hydraulic posts needed to set it up, or to hide afterwards

No Excess Baggage

All of its accessories are stored inside with plenty of room left for gear, samples or swag in between activations

Light Weight

Its all aluminum construction keep weight at a minimum

Low Floor

A Simple step up for staff and patrons

Eco Friendly

Made of recyclable materials; partnered with carbon sensitive suppliers; lowering tow vehicles’ fuel consumption

Better Value

Premium look with less staff, faster setup, cheaper logistics, and priceless peace of mind

Built to Last

Conforms to all DOT/CMVSS, UL/CSA Certified; Won’t Rust, Won’t Blow Away; ROI Maximized